Extremely Addictive

Cooking and Canning

My grandma Pat, grew up raising her own food, milking her own cows and canning her own vegetables.  I have been looking for a healthy condiment that tasted great that I could add to anything I ate that wouldn't blow my waistline. I knew from experience that mustard was a "free" food, meaning it did not add a lot of extra calories when used. I didn't care for plain mustard, but was interested in using it as a base for a condiment.  I  called my grandma, played around with recipes and together we made it happen. 

I invited her over for a day to cook mustard and can.  When I tasted this mustard, I knew this was what I had been looking for!  I handed out the 30 jars we made that day for free to my friends.  Then, I started getting calls asking me to BUY more jars because they loved it and wanted more.

We cooked and canned about three more times.  Each time would take all day and each time I made more memories with my grandma.  I could not keep up with the demand so it is now processed professionally.